Ask Heather:

These are some great questions I’ve been asked about teaching children to read!

Help! I am getting a babysitter for the first time 😕

Babysitter 101 Getting a new babysitter is scary experience. I know that I always have a knot in my stomach the first night when we leave our kids with a new babysitter. My Criteria for a Babysitter: Affordable If she is younger than 18, it’s nice if she lives... read more

I am homeschooling my daughter and I just came across this program. I have been reading to her since birth, every day, and she LOVES to be read to, but gets frustrated easily while learning to read. She will not even look at the word to sound it out, and tunes me out. She doesn\’t do this with any other aspect of homeschooling, just the reading. How can we overcome this?

Hi, My advice for you would be to come up with a Reading Reward system for you and your child. For example, if your child is putting in full effort he/she will get 3 points, medium effort 2 points, having a hard time concentrating 1 point per page. Each point can be... read more

Should I read to my baby?

I do think it is important to read to babies. Reading demonstrates language, vocabulary, and expression. You can read familiar songs, nursery rhymes, short stories, or beggining word books. You can read books with sensory pictures as well. read more