About The Author

Heather is the granddaughter, daughter, and niece of elementary school teachers. Heather herself taught elementary school.

Heather studied her two passions in life. She received her Bachelor Degree in Art Practice from the University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley). Heather then obtained her Master Degree from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in Elementary Education.

Heather Ross - FirstStepReading.com

Heather is a mother of very distinct fraternal twin boys that she taught to read using her own methods. Both of her boys began reading and sounding out words at the age of two.

Heather developed her method for reading out of frustration of what beginning reading materials were available for her children. Heather could not find the right solution of books and educational activities that taught reading in simple progressive steps. Therefore, Heather began to write her own books, songs, and activities that would guide, teach, and engage her children in the learning to read process.

Heather now wishes to share her learned experience of how to teach toddlers and young children to read with other parents and educators.

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