1. Find the right time for your child to Read/Learn. I Read in the evening but not right before bed. I read to my son after dinner time, after shower time, but about an hour before his bedtime.
2. Make a Reading/Learning Routine. Our Reading Routine is: dinner, shower, Reading, and then a quiet 15-30 minute activity.
3. Make a Reward system. I have a Reading Reward Chart. My sons are able to receive up to 3 points a Lesson based on how well they concentrate and how much effort they put forth. After they receive 20 points on their Reading Reward chart they get a reward of a toy worth a dollar.
4. Help your child use his/her finger to follow along in the book. I find that my son pays better attention when he is the one that has to point to each word.
5. Not all days are good days for your active child to read. Some days I notice that my son is over-tired or over-active and I know that he will not concentrate well enough to read. So on those days I either show him an Instructional Reading Video, work on Flashcards, or I read the story to him.