Step By Step Reading Program

Program Overview

We offer a complete reading system. We have over 50 video lessons for our curriculum that you can sit with your child and teach them. These videos are guided lessons for every level. Along with the videos, we also provide lesson books where you can apply the knowledge learnt in the videos.  Click here to download a PDF with out scope and sequence.

The combination of the videos and the lesson books offers your child different mediums to follow the system and also gets them excited to learn more. Not only this, but we also have flash cards for every lesson so you can interact with your child and test them. This adds more fun for your child.


Letter Names


Letter Sounds


Letter Blending




Sight Words



Our Reading Program is based on the following steps:

1. The Alphabet and Short Vowels – In the First Step of our Curriculum your child learns:
  • The Upper Case Alphabet
  • The Lower Case Alphabet
  • Letter Sounds
  • Short Vowels Blends
  • Short Vowel Words
  • Sight Words

2. Long Vowels – In the Second Step of our Curriculum your child learns:
  • Sight Words
  • Vowels
  • Long Vowel A Words
  • Long Vowel E Words
  • Long Vowel I Words
  • Long Vowel O Words
  • Long Vowel U Words
  • Common Sounds

3. Consonants and Grammatical Exceptions – In the Last Part of our Curriculum your child learns:
  • Consonant Blends (Beginning Blends, Ending Blends, Silent Blends)
  • Controlled R sounds
  • Irregular Sounds: Ay, Ank, Ight, and Ow/Out
  • Irregular Y sounds: Y as a Vowel, Y as E, and Y as I
  • Irregular Sounds: Oo, Ew, Who and Shoe
  • Irregular Ood and Oon Sounds
  • Irregular Ook and Ool Sounds
  • Sight Words

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