Program Benefits

We Build Confidence and Self Esteem

Get Ahead, Stay Ahead:

It might sound crazy, but at the end of day, school is a race. Kids get accepted or rejected by colleges, jobs and careers based on their school performance. Parents who invest time into their children, usually help their child win this race. A child who completes our program will be reading at a second grade level. We suggest completing this program prior to kindergarten, in order to give your child a two year head start in school.

Build Confidence & Self Esteem:

Your child’s first impression of school is priceless. When a student enters kindergarten and knows how to read, they will feel successful and confident. Their peers will view them as leaders, and teachers and other parents will see your child as a positive role model. This will naturally build your child’s self esteem and self image.

Did you know: Reading is the only skill that helps a student in every subject (English, Math, Science, etc)!

Bond with your child:

Our program “Teaches Parents, How Teach Their Kids, to Read”. The parent acts as the teacher, and the child is the student. We suggest using this program 15 minutes daily, over the course of 3-6 months. This quality time with your child is a great bonding opportunity that will help grow your relationship and foster your child’s love for learning.

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