I have 2 boys. Each boy has a chart with his name on it. The chart is divided in half. One half is Star Stickers/Behavior and the other half is Reading Rewards.

Star Stickers: If they have a smooth morning (get ready for school quickly, eat their breakfast, and put on their shoes) they get their morning star, if their afternoon goes well (they are good at school and once we get home they play nicely together) they get an afternoon star, and if in the evening they do their routines (put their dishes in the sink, get ready for bed when told, and do not leave their bedroom after they are tucked in) they will get their evening star. 15 stars = a treat (in our house it is a lollipop, popsicle, or a taffy)

Reading/Math Rewards: Every story, learning video they watch, or 3 pages of a math workbook they complete they can earn 3 points. 3 points means they gave full effort, 2 points means they needed some reminders to stay focused, 1 point means they needed a lot of reminders to stay focused, and 0 points means they are not trying and will not get points for the story or video they were supposed to learn. 20 points in our house equals a toy or game worth $1.