Learning the Alphabet

Try breaking the Alppabet into parts. Do 4-5 Letters at a time during a lesson. Then incorporate other fun ways to reinforce Letter Learning.

Fun Ideas:
1. Alphabet videos online videos on www.FirstStepReading.com
2. Bath crayons and write the letters on the bath walls while you sing the Alphabet song together
3. Foam Bath Letters. They stick and float in the bath. Let her play with letters and get used to seeing them.
4. ABC puzzles, the traditional kind or I have seen giant floor puzzles
5. Magnetic Letters and Black Board pens
6. Make a matching game or memory game with flashcards of the upper and lower case letters and play memory with her and have her match the pairs.
7. ABC necklaces and bracelets she can practice while she makes Alphabet necklaces or even makes necklaces for mom, dad, and family.
8. Create her own ABC book from paper, glue, and cut out letters from magazines, computer print outs of the Alphabet, or from old books that the library does not need anymore.