My advice for you would be to come up with a Reading Reward system for you and your child.
For example, if your child is putting in full effort he/she will get 3 points, medium effort 2 points, having a hard time concentrating 1 point per page.
Each point can be worth 10 cents, 5 cents, stickers, stamps or etc. My children started this where each point was worth 10 cents and the goal was to get $1.00 a week so that they could pick a toy from my tresure box of dollar toys. As your child reads more, the points can be worth less money so that your child need to work harder to get their toy.
My children are not only extremely motivated to read with the Reading Rewards system, they learned how to add money and save their money to try to earn bigger and better prizes.
I hope this helps,
Heather Ross
My suggestion would be to offer Reading Rewards with your daughter and keep reading lessons short so that you get quality learning time.

I have a son with ADHD and when starting to learn to read he did not want to take the energy to sound out words because he wants things to happen instantly. It wasn’t until he was able to sound out words quicker did he enjoy reading. Therefore, I established a Reading Reward system for both my kids.

Our Reward system works like this: They are able to get 3 points per story. 3 points means the child tried his hardest, 2 points means he needed some reminders, and 1 point means he did not try very hard.

We have a chart where we add the points together every night. Adding the points has also been great for doing some addition every night. At 20 points, they can turn they points in for a $1 toy, or for us, an Ipad app worth $1 or Free. (They can only pick a learning App)

My kids want to read every night and want to try their hardest because they want to earn points to buy toys and etc.