How to teach Sight Words is a beginning reading program that guides your child through the steps of learning to read.

About How to teach Sight Words

The author of, Heather Ross, explains in this video what First Step Reading is and how it works.

The program includes animated Video Instructions, Flashcards for memorizing Sight Words and further reading practice, and Reading Books that correspond to each lesson. is also a step-by-step (Pre-reader through Beginning Reader) Curriculum to teach children how to read. This program guides the child as well as the parents/educators on how to correctly teach a child to read. teaches reading through teaching the basic reading fundamentals: the Alphabet, Letter Sounds, Blending, Phonics, Sight Words, Long Vowels, and Grammar.
Components of’s Curriculum:

1. Videos: The Instruction of the Lesson
2. Lesson Books: Practice of the Lesson Material
3. Flashcards:
a. Memorize Sight Words
b. Additional help with Lesson material
4. To ask the Author questions

The Basic Steps to teaching your child to read are:

1. Alphabet and Letter Identification
2. Letter Sounds
3. Blending with Phonics
4. Memorizing Sight Words (taught throughout the lessons)
5. Vowels and Long Vowels
6. Blends
7. Common Grammatical Exceptions and Controlled R Sounds


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