Concentration Tips

Heather Ross, the author of, offers tips on helping children stay focused during Reading Lessons.

About Concentration Tips

Some tips that Heather has come up with when she reads with her sons are:

1. Find the right time to read with your child. (When your child is not too tired and not too energetic) Heather reads in the evening, but not right before bed. She reads to her sons after dinner time, after shower time, but about an hour before their bed time.

2. Make a Reading/Learning Routine. Heather’s Reading Routine is: dinner, shower, Reading, and then a quiet 15-30 minute activity.

3. Find a quiet place to read.

4. Read with each child separately. It may seem like more work to split up your reading time but your child will get a lesson geared at his/her own level and a distraction free lesson without the other sibling.

5. Make a Reward system. Heather has a Reading Reward Chart. Her sons are able to receive up to 3 points a Lesson based on how well they concentrate and how much effort they put forth. After they receive 20 points on their Reading Reward chart they get a reward of a toy worth a dollar.

6. Help your child use his/her finger to follow along in the book. Heather finds that her sons pay better attention when they are the ones that point to each word.

7. Not all days are good days for your child to read. Some days Heather notices that one of her sons is over-tired or over-active and she knows that he will not concentrate well enough to read. So on those days, Heather either shows him an Instructional Reading Video, works on Sight Words Flashcards, or works on additional practice building words Flashcards.


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