Blending sounds to make words is a learning process. The first step for blending 3 letter Short Vowel words is to have your child break the word into 2 parts. For example the word, “Pig” will should be broken into the sounds: “P” and “ig.” With practice and over time your child will learn to further blend the sounds to correctly say “Pig.”

Watch the 3 Letter Blend Videos. The videos show the child to break the word into 2 pieces and to first read the Consonant Sound, then to read the 2 Letter Ending, and last to blend the parts together to read the word.

Your child will learn to read 3 Letter Short Vowel words in the Practice Reading Book 1. (Practice Reading Book: 1).

For additional practice blending, please see the Short Vowel Blends and the Consonant Flashcards. With these Flashcards your child will practice reading 3 Letter Short Vowel words (Short Vowel Blends Flashcards).