The 10 First Steps to Teaching a Child to Read:

Letter Identification: Can identify the Uppercase and Lowercase letters of the Alphabet
Letter Sounds: Knows the sounds of the Letters
Sight Words: Memorizes the most common words in the English Language
Letter Blending Sounds: Can blend/combine letter sounds to read 2 letters combinations of short vowel sounds plus common consonants
Phonics and Letter Blending of 3 letter and 2 Letter Words: Can blend short vowel and consonant sounds to read 3 letter and 2 letter short vowel words
Vowels and Consonants: Knows which letters are Vowels and which letters are Consonants
Regular Long Vowel Combinations: Vowel Consonant Vowel and Vowel Vowel.
Consonant Blends and Silent Blends
Controlled R Sounds: Ar, Er/Ir/Ur, and Or
Introduction to Common Irregulars in Reading: Sh, Ck, Th, Ing, Qu, Ch, Ay, Ank, Ight, Out, Ow, Y as E, Y as I, OO, Ew