Not all days are good days for your child to Read. Some days I notice that my sons are over-tired or over-active and I know that they will not concentrate well enough to Read. So on those days they Learn. I either show them an Instructional Reading Video, we work on Flashcards, or I read the story to them. I read to my sons even if they do not seem to be completely paying attention. Even when it seemed like I was wasting my time, I was not.

If your child continually refuses to read you might want to try a Reading/Learning Reward System. My sons only receive their last 15-30 minute quiet activity if they Read/Learn.

I also use a Reading/Learning Reward System with my children where they can earn up to 3 points a Reading/Learning Lesson. Once my children earn 20 points they are able to buy a prize from a selection of toys I keep in my closet that each cost me a dollar.