More ideas for teaching LEtter Sounds:
1. Videos on
2. Flashcards: Say sound and have your child find the correct Letter
3. Flashcards: have you child say the Sound as he/she sees each Letter
4. Create a matching flashcard game of Pictures of examples of words with each Letter Sound and the Flashcards of the Letters and have your child match the Letters to the Pictures that represent each Sound.
5. Sing the letter Sound songs from the videos on the webiste with your child
6. Letter Sounds Paper Bags: On Paper bags write all the Letters. Then, every day pick 3 Letters and have your child help you think of things that can represent each Letter Sound. Together with your child you can print pitcures of those items, draw them with you child, and look around your house for things that can represent the different letters.
7. Letter Sounds Everywhere. Looks around your house and when you are not home too for things that can represent the different Letters Sounds and start making a list with your child.
8. Hidden Letter Sounds. Cut out pictures of items that can represent the differnt Letter Sounds. Then, hide these pictures around the house and have your child find them. At the end of the hunt have you child match the pictures to the correct Letters.
9. Letter Sound Treasure Hunt: Take a large mixing bowl or baking pan and fill it with corn starch. In the corn starch hide pictures of different things that can represent each letter sound. Have you child dig for the letter sound pictures. Once your child finds all the pictues, he/she needs to match the pictures with the correct Letters.

Examples of items that can represent each Letter Sound:

A: Apple, Ant
B-Bat, Butterfly, Ball, Bananna
C-Cat, Cake, Cookie
D-Dog, Dirt, Door,
E-Egg, Elephant, Envelope
F-Fish, Fruit, Freezer, Flowers,
G-Green, Grass, Grasshopper, Gorilla,
H- Horse, Hat, Hamburger
I-Igloo, Intelligent
J- Jump, Jelly
K-Kangaroo, Kite, Kirate
L-Lollypop, Lemon
M-Money, Marchmellows,
N-Nose, Nickle
O-Octogon, Octopus
P-Popcorn, Pudding, Paper
Q-Quarter, Quack
R-Rooster, Ring, Refridgerator, Remote
S-Snake, Scissor, Sand
T-Turtle, Table, TV, Towel, Tub
U-Umbrella, Up
V-Vacume, Vase, VCR
W-Water, Wagon
X-Xray, Xylophone
Z-Zoo, Zipper