I think reading to your child is important and that there is no need to stop reading to your child if your child enjoys hearing stories. Reading aloud models correct reading techniques and models how to read with expression. When you do read aloud to your child you should make sure to stop frequently to ask purposeful questions.

There are different types of questions you can ask your child to make a more effective reading aloud experience.
Reading Aloud Questions:
Comprehension Questions: Questions that check that your child is understanding the story. There is only one correct answer to these questions.
example: What did the first pig built his house from?
Open Ended Questions: These are opinion questions and there is not only one answer to these questions.
Why do you think the pig built his house from straw?
Prediction Questions: Questions that allow your child to make guesses on the plot of the story .
What do you think is going to happen to the pigs house that was build out of straw?
Relating to your child’s life: These Questions make the story relate to your child’s own experiences.
Tell me a time you or someone you have known chose to do something the easiest way even though it was not the best way to do it? What happened?