I strongly believe that the Letter Sounds are the most important step of learning to read. If a child does not fluently know his/her letter sounds, he/she cannot sound out or blend sounds. It is important for a parent to be able to help their child sound out words while reading together. I suggest that you learn the Letter Sounds.

Here are some ideas for you to learn Letter Sounds:

Break up the Alphabet into small parts and practice saying the individual sounds the letters make. For Vowels you want to practice Short Vowel Sounds.

Start with the Letter Sound Video A-E. This video teaches the sounds of the letters: A, B, C, D, and E and move to each additional video after you master each group of sounds.

Also, watch and re-watch the Non-Musical Letter Sounds Video with all the sounds. As you watch the video practice saying sounds aloud. You can even mute the Non-Musical Letter Sounds Video on your TV and test yourself on your sounds before you learn the next group of Letter Sounds.

To further assist your learning of Letter Sounds, use the Letter Flashcards and as you see each Upper and Lowercase Letter practice saying the sound that the letter makes (Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Flashcards).