The learning to read curriculum is designed to be used in 3 steps.

Step 1 are the Video. The videos are the instruction on how to read.

Step 2 are the stories in the books. The stories are reading practice. The children are able to apply the knowledge they learned in the video through reading the stories. When the children read the stories, they able to practice each video lesson material until they master the lesson.

Step 3 are the Flashcards for additional practice or memorization. There are printable Flashcards on the DVD. If you put the DVD in your computer you can print the Flashcards from your computer. There are Flashcards for each Reading Lesson and there are Flashcards for Sight Word memorization. The Flashcards are meant for children who need additional help learning a lesson/lessons taught in the video before these children are able to practice through reading the stories.