Grammar is the rules for reading and writing. Our program teaches Grammar rules so that children learn to recognize the rules as patterns and use these patterns to figure out unfamiliar words.

For example, the grammar rules of Long Vowels. If a child sees two Vowels next to each other the child needs to recognize that it is a Long Vowel word according to Grammar rules. Therefore, the first Vowel will make a Long Vowel sound and the second Vowel will be silent.

To practice the Long Vowel grammatical rules there are stories for your child to read in the Practice Reading Book Step 2 that correlate with the same Long Vowel word families addressed in the Long Vowel Instructional Videos (Practice Reading Book Step 2).

For additional practice there are printable Long Vowel Word Family Flashcards. With these Flashcards the child can read the various Long Vowel Word Families and add Consonants to the words families to practice blending sounds to make Long Vowel Words (Long Vowel Flashcards).

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