What are Sight Words?

Sight Words are also called High Frequency Words, Memory Words, or Popcorn words.

These words are the words that are commonly used in the written language. It is helpful for children to memorize Sight Words because they are used often in books and if children have these words memorized they can read faster and better comprehend what they are reading.

Please revisit the Sight Word Videos often but note that your child does not have to memorize these words before he/she can proceed through the other videos and lessons in the curriculum.

The Sight Words in the Sight Word videos are reinforced when your child reads the the stories in the Practice Books Steps: 1, 2, and 3.

Have your child practice and memorize the Sight Words from a story before your child reads the story.

To memorize the Sight Words use the Sight Words Flashcards of the words addressed in each story.

There are also free printable Sight Words worksheets on the website for extra practice.

In addition, have your child watch and re-watching the Sight Words videos often. (Practice Books: 1, 2, and 3/Sight Words Flashcards).

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