Long Vowel sounds are when Vowels make the sound of their Letter Names. The Letter Names of the Vowel are introduced in the Vowel Video.

For example, the Vowel E in the word “Eat” is a Long Vowel sound because the E make the sound “E.” However, the Vowel E in the word “Egg” is a short Vowel because the E makes the sound “eh” which is a Short Vowel Sound.

Watch the Letter Sound videos and Non-Musical Letter Sound Videos for examples of the Short Vowel Sounds.

Watch and sing along to the Letter Sound Song. The Letter Sound Song teaches the sounds the Short Vowels make and teaches word examples that help you and your child remember the letter sounds.

Short Vowel sound memorization is necessary in order for a child to sound out unfamiliar words and read.

To assist your learning of Letter Sounds, use the Letter Flashcards and as you see the letter practice saying the Long Vowel and Sort Vowel sounds that the Vowels (A, E, I, O, and U) make (Letter Flashcards).

There are also free downloadable worksheets for extra practice on the website.

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