Controllled R, Bossy R words, are exactly that, words that are controlled by the letter R. What does that mean? Let me explain better through examples.

Controlled Ar words are words like: Bar, Car, Far, Hard, Lard, Tar, Star

Words that are not controlled by the letter R make the “air” wound and some examples are:: Air, Fair, Care, Dare, Stare, Scare

Controlled Er, Ir, and Ur words all make the same “er” sound.
Some examples of Er words are: Water, Her, Later
some examples of Ur words are: Fur, Purr, Turn, Burn
Some examples of Ir words are: Bird, Girl, Third

Some Er, Ir, and Ur words not Controlled by R are:
Er: Here, Peer, Steer,
IR: Fire, Tire, Hire,
UR: Cure, Pure, Furious

Controlled Or sound is the sound of the word “Or”
Some examples are: Or, For, Born, Sport, Thorn

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