Consonants are the all the Uppercase and Lowercase letters in the Alphabet except the letters: A, E, I, O, and U. When you have two Consonants next to each other in a word they are called Consonant Blends or Consonant Clusters.

There are Consonant blends, two consonant sounds next to each other, in the Beginning of words and at the End of words. There are also Consonant Blends called Silent Blends where one of the Consonants does not make a sound. FirstStepReading.com has instructional videos to assist your child in reading Consonant Blend words.

To practice Consonant Blends there are also printable Consonant Blend Flashcards. With these Flashcards your child can read various Beginning, Ending, and Silent Consonant Blends and make Consonant Blend Words (Beginning, Ending, and Silent Consonant Blend Flashcards).

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