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akyns ronic asked 2 years ago

please how can i teach my 10years and 6years old children to pronounce words and how they can easily identify words when they see them please help me please.
thanks HEATHER

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Heather Ross Staff answered 2 years ago


There are two types of reading strategies that are extremely important.

First, there are the most frequent words which are often called (high frequency words, popcorn words, memory words or sight words). Google “Sight Words for grade __”. Put your children’s grade in the blank. You will find lists of words that your children should be able to see and know the word by heart. These words should be memorized. These are words like: (I, at, is, like, play, because). These words should be memorized because it will take your children too long to read a sentence if they are stopping to phonetically read and sound out these words and your child will lose reading comprehension as a result.

You can make flashcards of these words if you need. I tell parents of younger kids to make games like memory or bingo using these words.

Second, less common words should be read use reading strategies to decode the unknown word (ie: phonics and the context of the word in the sentence).

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me again.