Letter Learning Game




Alphabet Slap Jack is a fun way to learn the ABCs!

Alphabet Slap Jack comes with everything you need to play a fun ABC version of these classic kids’ card games:

  • Slap Jack
  • Go Fish
  • Flash Cards
  • Find My Letter Match (an uppercase-to-lowercase letter-matching game)

The game’s compact size and all-in-one design make it convenient to use anywhere—even on the go. (The entire game can fit in your pocket!)

  • Alphabet Slap Jack helps your child learn their upper and lowercase ABCs while playing a fun card game. You can use 
  • Help your child master the the Uppercase and Lowercase Letters of the Alphabet with this fun, fast preschool game. 
  • Created by an award-winning elementary school teacher. The game is compatible with current classroom learning standards and features letter cards with short vowel sounds.
  • Kid Friendly: Game cards are smartly designed with brightly colored Uppercase and Lowercase Letters and simple, friendly illustrations your child will love, and makes a perfect addition to your alphabet learning toys and games collection.
  • Game Size: These small deck-sized playing cards measure 2.50 inches wide by 3.40 inches tall because smaller cards are easier for little hands to hold. Age and Players: For 2 to 6 players, age 4 & up.