Ask Heather:

These are some great questions I’ve been asked about teaching children to read!

How do I teach my child to read 3 Letter Words?

Blending sounds to make words is a learning process. The first step for blending 3 letter Short Vowel words is to have your child break the word into 2 parts. For example the word, “Pig” will should be broken into the sounds: “P” and “ig.” With practice and over time... read more

How long does it take to teach my child with your program?

Every child learns at a different rate. Some children need additional practice with each lesson and others understand each lesson and can immediately apply the new knowledge by Reading the corresponding story. The curriculum is set up with many methods of additional... read more

What is the goal of teaching Grammar Exceptions?

The point of teaching Sound Exceptions are so that children can identify Letter/Sound Patterns and use these patterns to figure out unfamiliar words. For example, if a child sees the Y at the end of a word and the child knows that when the letter “Y” is at the end of... read more

What are Controlled R words?

Controlled R words are exactly that, words that are controlled by the letter R. What does that mean? Let me explain better through examples. Controlled Ar words are words like: “Bar, Car, Far, Hard, Lard, Tar, and Star.” In these words the “Ar” produces the sound of... read more

What are Sight Words?

Sight Words are also called High Frequency Words or Memory Words. These words are the words that are commonly used in the written language. It is helpful for children to memorize Sight Words because they are used often in books and if children have these words... read more

What is Grammar?

Grammar are the rules for writen and oral langauge. Our program teaches Grammar rules so that children learn to recognize the rules of writen text. As the students read, they are learning how words come together to form sentences, about punctuations marks, about... read more

What is the point of teaching the Alphabet?

The Alphabet is the names of the letters that make up words. Children need to be able to identify and name the Uppercase and Lowercase letters in text before they learn the sounds that the letters make. The Traditional Alphabet song at a normal speed is quite fast for... read more