hat is a great idea to make a video to explain the Vowels + W sounds.

In the meantime, here is an explanation that I hope will help you with the most common pronunciations for words with vowels plus w.

Aw: Think of the sound people make when they see a cute baby video. “Aw how sweet.” That is the sound of aw.
example of words: paw, saw, draw, law, claw

Ew: The most common sound for ew is the sound of the “oo” in the word “boo.”
example of words: crew, dew, stew, new, drew

For Ow, there are 2 different common pronunciations.
First, Ow can sound like a short vowel o sound and w sound. The sound is like when someone hurts themselves and saws, “ow.”
example words: brown, cow, now, how, town, down

Second the sound can be of a long vowel O sound and w sound. For example, the word “no” plus the w sound is the pronunciation of the word “know.”
example words: know, snow, throw, crow, glow, blow, grow

Hope this is helpful,
Heather Ross